Protection And Guard Dog Training

We stress obedience because this is the key to having a safe and reliable dog. Once you understand what is involved in protection training, we can then decide at what level your dog is suitable to begin at.

All dogs are first temperament tested to ensure a stable disposition. We look for the confident dogs that show intelligence and trustworthiness around people in all situations. A true protection dog should be well socialized and behave calm and confident when approached by strangers, examined by a veterinarian and while interacting in a family environment. Protection Dogs shall respond only when given a command to protect or when faced with a direct threat.

Our dogs are trained using civil agitation and defense work for real life situations and they will bite in a real situation. Please do your homework and find out the difference between a Schutzhund dog and a Personal Protection dog.

The evaluation fee is RM 50 - RM 100 depending on your location. If your dog shows promise, the charges will go toward your training.

All lessons by appointment only.

Please contact us for more specific details on times and prices along with your requirements.

Guard Dog Training Package

  • Alert on command / Aggression on command
  • Defense of Handler (bark and guard)
  • Outing on command (stop behaving aggressively)
  • Any obedience package can be added
  • All breeds welcome

This package is designed to teach dogs to behave aggressively, but not bite. When this training is complete, your dog will alert you when someone approaches and meet them at the door, and or gate, while showing aggression, until you say its OK. This package includes scenario based training, as well as confidence building. This package also teaches the dog to pump up and turn off on command.

Contact us for pricing and or, to set up an evaluation

Personal Protection Training Package

  • Alert on command / Aggression on command
  • On lead defense of handler
  • On lead defense on command
  • Bite and Hold training
  • Conditioning / Confidence building
  • Outing (seize aggression / release bite)

Saharikenn9 protection package is designed to teach your dog introductory personal protection and obedience. When this training is complete your dog will protect you against an attacker, perform on lead obedience and bite / show aggression on command. This package also includes outing (bite release/anti aggression), scenario based training and confidence building / conditioning. This protection package is designed to condition you dog to the pressure of a real life scenario. Upon completion of the training your K9 will regard the man as the threat, not visible bite equipment and will be able to take the pressure of a close proximity fight. To insure that your dog is capable of this level of training an evaluation must be performed prior to training by our staff. If you are interested in buying a world class trained protection dog, see our dog sales page.

Contact us for pricing or to set up an evaluation for your dog.

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