• Breed : German Shepherd
  • Sex : Male
  • Date Of Birth : Monday, 21 November 2011
  • Origin : Czech Republic
  • Titled : BH, ZVV2 , IPO2, FPR1, SPR2
  • Breeder Association : CMKU (CZ)
  • Height / Weight : 64 cm / 40 kg
  • Health : Kkl 1 & Surveyed: 1 class 5VQ1/P, DNA Tested
  • Hip & Elbow : ED/HD: 0/0
  • Qualifications & Awards

    Result: 5VQ1/P

    Show score: SG Velmi Dobry

    Breed Survey: 1 Class 5VQ1

    Working cert.:IPO 1&2, FPr 1, ZVV 1&2, SPr 1, BH

    Health results: HD 0/0, ED 0/0 (CZ), DNA

NICK z Jirkova dvora belongs to the 3rd sire's blood line namely via world renowned dogs GRIM z Pohranicni straze that competed at WUSV world championship, DARGO Ha-Ja-DA that competed twice at National Championship. ATILA z Kociciho dvora that competed at National Championship, PARDAL z Jirkova dvora IPO3 and ZVV2 dog. From his dam's side he belongs to the 5th blood line also via world famous former DDR blood - TREU v. Schaeferstolz, VOLF z Pohranicni straze, EMIL z Pohranicni straze, CHULIGAN z Pohranicni straze, PLUTO z Pohranicni straze, NAVAR Hronovsky pramen. NICK himself is a very agile dog, very perceptive dog with top prey and defence drives. At the age of 22 months he has completed 6 working titles. NICK also has excllent traits for tracking. This come from DARGO Ha-Ja-Da. NICK excells with overall strength and black sable color.

NICK is suitable everywhere where the females are lacking enough pigmentation, where there is a need to improve oveall strength of body and impove the pigmentation. NICK was also a known producer of working dogs and had many breeding’s with his progeny in Europe previously.

Nick is a one handler dog who requires a fair and consistent handler. He is not a dog for everyone as he is better suited for police work than sport.

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