Xandie Anrebri

Xandie Anrebri

  • Breed : German Shepherd Dog
  • Sex : Female
  • Date Of Birth : Sunday, 07 December 2008
  • Origin : Czech Republic
  • Titled : ZVV 1
  • Breeder Association : Not Specified
  • Hip & Elbow : A-Normal

Imported from Czech Republic, confident and impressive strong boned, a very large bodied female of black pigmentation with beautiful head type and solid conformation.

Xandie is substantial in size with strong firm build and exceptional bone the quality of which is not often seen in females. Xandie has dark almond shaped eyes with a lovely bright expression and firm erect ear set, set correctly on a very beautiful & large head. Xandie possesses good social skills and is excellent with small children. She is non confrontational or dog aggressive yet she will not back down in the event she is challenged. She is a force to behold if the situation demands it and can be an extremely dominant female.

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