Importing Dogs

Importing Dogs

At Saharikenn9, we only accept the very best dogs from top working backgrounds from Europe to meet client’s needs and we test each dog´s character, courage and temperament before deciding on importing. We choose happy, sociable, even-tempered dogs that once trained can successfully combine the duties of loyal, much loved pets and companions with those of courageous family guardians.

Our specialties include the German Shepherd Dog, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Dobermann, Rottweiler and Bullmastiff. If you are unsure which breed is best for you we would be happy to talk with you and explain the differences as well as give an honest, un-bias opinion which breed we feel would best fit into your home.

We adopt a "quality not quantity" approach and passionately believe in matching the right dog to the right client. With this in mind, we actually source many of our dogs to suit particular clients. And whilst all our dogs undergo an intensive training course and must reach an advanced level in both obedience and protection work, we also train each dog to meet its new owner´s specific circumstances and needs.

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Last modified on 18-Sep-2015