Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions for you to understand better our services and about us. Should you have any questions, please do email us through the contact us page.

Buying a personal protection dog

It is a dog that is trained to assess the situation and only attack if the intruder if he is attacking the owner/family. They're mainly deterrent dogs, they will bark on command, they will growl and can disarm people if wielding weapons. Giving the owner a chance to get help. Personal Protection Dog are also family pets, not guard dogs who roam around large industrial premises.

You want a dog that will keep your home safe while you're away and lovingly greet you when you come home from your job. Making that a reality is our job. When you buy a protection dog from us, you're getting a great dog without the guesswork. You already know that the dog is healthy and fully capable of being an obedient member of your family. You know that your dog can excel in a protection situation, and you know that you never have to worry about the dog with your kids. Buying one of our trained protection dogs will save you frustration and expense. We show you exactly what you’re getting and we back it up with our guarantee.

Yes, we would have a detailed consultation with you to determine the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

This is a very common misconception! Whilst Dogs of a given breed are usually larger and more visually imposing, bitches are often swifter, more agile and although not always true they can be quite maternal in their protection work. We can assist you in your decision by discussing many factors and in our opinion size should be the last consideration.

Our dogs are trained to recognise threatening behaviour, to deal with that threat and once the threat is dealt with, to go back to being a lovable affable, family pet. Through the intensive training that our dogs receive over an extended time period they are taught to pick up on not just behaviour and situations that may be associated with a potential threat but are also incredibly tuned in to their handler's body language. They will either show aggression on command or will work without command when a threat is both serious and immediate.

Our dogs are chosen for their temperament, as many of them go to live with families with young children. We need to be 100% certain when placing a dog that will be around children; therefore we would only suggest dogs that we know would fit this criteria.

We hear time and time again from clients that they cannot believe how quickly their new protection dog bonded with their family. In the first day of delivery, you'll see your dog begin to learn your tones and feel comfortable in your home. Within days, our trainers are able to give control to even the youngest members of the household. The dog quickly adapts to the routine of the home environment and the preferences of its new owners. If you have purchased or adopted adult dogs in the past, this might seem very foreign to you. But remember that these are fully trained dogs that have lived in the homes of professional dog trainers, ’and it’s not luck that makes them a good fit for homes. After meticulously selecting each of our dogs, we pair you with the one that will match your lifestyle and spend weeks on end making sure they are ready for delivery.


At least a five generation pedigree that shows the history of the individual dog's working lineage is absolutely a critical first step in choosing a quality working dog for your home.


The working line German shepherd and the Malinois have the fewest health issues of the most common working breeds. And we health test all dogs over six months of age and up for the common issues related to their breed.

Stable temperament

The dog should not be performing out of fear, and it should be easy to handle and live with. Socialization, education and environment are top notch with all of our dogs.

Balanced Energy Level

The dog should not be bouncing off the wall at all times and at the same time he should not be sleeping if someone is ringing the doorbell.

Early Training

Without early training and character development, it is only potential and nothing more. Our philosophy is to start early with the finest puppies from the finest breeding's and then to nurture them with the most modern and effective training methods available to professional trainers.

Dog Training

Puppies can start formal obedience training between 8 and 12 weeks of age. This time in their life is very important for socializing, and you can train them before any bad habits are learned.

A dog is never too old to be trained. We have had many older dogs who excel in obedience training with the balanced method, and who are trained out of behavioural issues (including barking, chewing, nipping, jumping and aggression).

Every dog will be a little different. Characteristics such as breed, socialization, age, and temperament of the dog all affect how quickly a dog will learn. Our basic obedience in board training will take about 4-5 weeks normally.

Yes, in fact, it's highly recommended the entire family is present during your dog's training session. A consistent approach from all family members will help achieve behaviour modification. It's also an ideal opportunity for children to better understand how dogs think, and use these skills for future encounters with other dogs.

There is no such thing. If you tell a dog "No", you have used negative correction. Flow Training allows the dog to teach themselves with our coaching. We offer the dog choices and dogs will always seek the rewarding outcome. Just like you cannot have "up" without "down", you can't have positive without negative.

Our training methods are based on current knowledge and accepted principles. We provide a balanced approach that allows our guests to determine what methods or approach works for them and what they are most comfortable to utilize with their companion. Our programs provide a variety of recognised inductive and/or compulsive methods to choose from wherever possible. There are ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ to any method, tool or approach and our mandate is to ensure that our guests are provided with the knowledge to make their own enlightened decisions. We believe there is no one method, tool or approach that applies to all persons or canines.

I work with all shapes, sizes and breeds. I do not discriminate against any breed from Pit bulls to Chihuahuas.

No, we do not and we never will. I have never seen a dog impress me with obedience that came from a group class. You are paying for my undivided attention… not for 10 minutes of my time while I spend the 50 minutes working with 10 other people in a class. One on one attention is one of the reasons we are able to accomplish so much in just a few short weeks.

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