Marco von Regina Pacis

  • Breed : German Shepherd Dog
  • Sex : Male
  • Origin : Germany
  • Titled : Schh 1

A large young male, "Marco" is a beautiful black and red three year old male was born and trained in Germany.

He already has an excellent ("V" rating) in conformation as well as his first level of tracking, obedience, and protection training in Germany. "Marco" is tittled in Schutzhund 1, certified (kkl1) recommended to breed and also V rated (excellent rated) show in Germany. Hips and elbows are excellent rated and certified. "Marco" is the son of V 18 BSZC 2009 "Xanto Von Regina Pacis".

large, strong and powerful, excellent type, very expressive, nicely pigmented, masculine build in very good proportion, substantial, dry and firm young male. Powerful gait and supply, locomotive movement, absolute ground covering gait, absolutely clear in the head.

Strong desire to retrieve and play with a ball. Active and energetic in protection work with good desire to perform and will alert the arrival of strangers with strong barking. With an outstanding work ethic and desire to protect his family, "Marco" has exceptional ability for work. A large and powerful dog with superior obedience on and off lead, he will make an outstanding family companion/protection dog.

Breeding Reports

At the upper size limit, strong and substantial, dry and solid male with very good expression. Very good pigmentation, good proportions. High and long withers, straight and solid back. Slightly sloping croup of good length. Very good angulations of fore- and hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, straight front. With straight step sequence he shows elevated, powerful and ground-covering gait. V. Advantages: Dog with very strong pigment. VI. Breeding recommendation: Size factor to be noted.

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