Chanell Vrbovy Proutek Sheila


Imported from Czech Republic, Sheila is a large bodied female with powerful front shoulder, solid structure, free flowing movement, showing good topline and underline.

Showing excellent civil skills in protection, she is serious and highly capable with her obvious intent being to take down the perpetrator. She is a force to behold if the situation demands it and can be an extremely dominant female.

She is proven mother, easy to breed and she also has great pups for all types of work. Sheila produces strong, good sized and large boned pups with balanced drives, highly intelligent; temperaments produced are clear, balanced and outgoing, producing pups which are extremely versatile. Sheila’s pups have proven to be wonderful family companion and home protection dogs as well.

We are honored to have this very strong female as an important addition to our Breeding Program at Saharikenn9.

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