Working Line Male German Sheperd Dog

Working Line Male German Sheperd Dog


A large size puppy, sable with excellent bone strength, strong, powerful and expressive head. He is almost three months old now and showing us everything we want to see in our puppies.

Bacardi is a very energetic and playful dog, full of life. Excellent prey drive, very good play drive, fun and exciting puppy with a anything can-do attitude, excellent focus, quick leaner,energetic, he is ready to tackle any job with a fun character.


House trained (crate), courageous with strong, powerful prey drive, willingness to work and excellent natural protective instincts, with a confident temperament, brave and courageous, absolutely clear in the head, sound and stable nerves, safe in nature. His basic obedience is progressing nicely and has been started in his focus healing and motion exercises. He has good prey and retrieve drives and his counter is great when doing puppy bite work and long jump bite. Bacardi is comfortable with carpet, tile and hardwood surfaces as well as climbing up and down stairs and going for car rides. Bacardi will make a wonderful dog for an active family.


Bacardi would excel at almost anything, he has nice defense that can be brought out even at his age, he is bold and confident but a very level headed German Shepherd. This puppy comes with high ball & protection drives and is recommended for sport, Schh, family or personal protection.


No problem in head, all teeth and testicles, this puppy will be micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and come with M.K.A registration and health/hips guarantee.

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