Saharikenn K9 Raw Minced Dog Food

Saharikenn K9 Raw Minced Dog Food

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Saharikenn K9 Raw Minced Dog Food

At Saharikenn9 we provide the highest quality raw dog food at the most competitive prices in the Klang Valley supplying many of the local breeders & customers with our products.

Our business is built upon enthusiasm for dogs and the lifestyle rather than being driven purely by commercial considerations. You will find our approach personal, flexible and underpinned by the highest quality products.

We aim to provide a full service and product list for every type of canine, whether a toy or giant breed, our raw feeding selection of chicken, beef, lamb, fish and different types of tripe, will suit your companion. We are also offering delivery services on certain routes throughout the week especially for people who have limited freezer space or who live too far from our location.

Our raw minced food is proven to reduce skin allergies, hot spots, excessive shedding, skin irritation and both chronic skin and ear infections.​ Raw diets provide extraordinary nutrition and you will feed your pet less food than a commercial diet. Their systems can assimilate all of the ingredients in a raw diet and therefore do not need to eat as much food in a day.​

Grains, gluten's, wheat, fillers, corn and preservatives will never be added to our blends. "Saharikenn9" Raw Minced food is proud to be chemical, toxin and additive free.​ Firm and odorless stool which is small and hard in both cats and dogs. It also turns into white powder after a day or two which makes clean up effortless. The change in your pet's stool will also naturally express your dog's anal glands.​

No more brown spots on your lawn and grass. Feeding a high quality raw minced food that derives the majority of its protein from muscle and organ meat as causes the body to use more of the protein and produce less waste and nitrogen. The reduction in nitrogen helps to keep your lawn green all year round.​

Our raw minced food is made from approved ingredients and we make it fresh daily. Our food is made of 95% muscle meat, fat and crushed bone and marrow. 5% is comprised of antioxidant rich vegetables and fruit to increase the Vitamin quotient required to keep your pet at their optimum health.​ Get back to basics by rebuilding and strengthening your pet's own immune system.​

Stronger immune system equates to reduced health issues and less money spent on your pet's medical care.​ Teeth and gums are clean and healthy and in most cases do not require any medical cleaning or maintenance brushing. Raw meaty bones are a key component in a raw diet and we offer all sizes for small, medium and large breeds.​

Gastrointestinal and anxiety disorders have been reduced as your dog is eating a complete diet that is not processed in any way or altered from its naturally occurring state. Another benefit from a healthy immune system is no fleas. We enjoy a flea free kennel year round without the use of any flea remedies or Veterinary assistance.

Health Benefits of a Raw Diet

  • Firmer, smaller, less smelly stools​
  • Fresh breath and clean, healthy teeth and gums​
  • More energy and stamina​
  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat​
  • Reduction of skin allergies, fleas, and food allergies​
  • Better digestion
  • Reduction in flatulence (gas)​
  • Improved weight control​
  • Reduced or eliminated need for veterinary dental work​
  • Less shedding​
  • Decrease in abnormal hyperactivity​
  • Reduced visits to the veterinarian, due to an overall healthier pet​
  • Increase in energy and mobility in older or less active dogs​
  • Less wax build-up in ear

For pricing info and ordering, please visit our products page.

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